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Hood Tale

As with all good stories, the story behind Fashhood starts with two Irish women having a cup of tea in the Royal Exchange in the City of London. One a lawyer and the other a banker discovered as they chatted, that apart from their full on careers, they each had strong desire to have a platform with an edited collection of fashion focused on the working woman.

Feeling misunderstood by mainstream fashion retailers, platforms and magazines, where the default for the working woman is the black or grey smart suit. No longer being prepared to accept this anachronistic approach they set about in their free time working out what it is they wanted.

They discussed dresses that you can wear to work and with a few tweaks can head out from the office to the client dinner, the business award function, a date, or parent teacher meeting. A one stop shop where you can find out what looks good at a shooting client function and buy it,  accessories that make you want to get up in the morning, colours and shapes and styles that give you that extra bounce in your step as you head into tricky meetings.

In short, clothes that look good at work, make you feel good, are adaptable and versatile, can take a fair amount of abuse and can be worn all year around, at home at work during the week and time off at weekends and on holidays.

They also wanted to give these women a voice where they can let designers know what they feel, what they are looking for, and what they like, to break this cycle of being misunderstood. A place where pictures of desirable or aspirational items can be posted and a place where at the press of a button you can ask designers if they have similar in stock or can make such an item.

Fashhood is dedicated to assisting participating designers internationalise their business and all proceeds are reinvested in assisting participating designers doing this.  This is achieved through a variety of ways including investing in developing new fabrics, collaborating with the site in devising new lines, participating in fashion event and trade shows and gaining more profile though all media channels.

You get the picture … the story stops here but is only really beginning.  It is to be continued as the journey unfolds.

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